First Luxury Boutique Hotel to Open in Lima

The First Luxury Boutique Hotel in Lima has recently opened its doors. The hotel in question is the Arts Boutique Hotel B. On April the 20th 2013 this charming hotel opened up in the bohemian art district of Barranco, located by the coast. Based in a restored historic mansion from 1914, this hotel reflects the classic and the contemporary, thereby showcases the rich cultural heritage and interesting colonial architecture of Peru with a modern twist. Bringing the Belle Epoque Mansion back to life were the best Peruvian Architects and art dealers from the Fine Arts Academy as well as an Italian wood carver, who did an amazing job that the project have become a benchmark for historic restoration. Seguir leyendo First Luxury Boutique Hotel to Open in Lima

The 5 best Peruvian Forests

Peru is one of the richest countries in the world when it comes to Mother Nature’s unspoiled sceneries and rich diverse wildlife which is why it has been declared amongst the top 10 “megadiverse” countries in the world. Supporting this statement is the fact that the Andes divide Peru into 3 distinct geographic regions, the dry desert coast, the snow-covered highlands and the tropical jungle in the Amazon, all of which offer greatly varying climates and ecological sectors that put together make up 10 percent of the world’s flora and fauna. Seguir leyendo The 5 best Peruvian Forests

The Peruvian Paso Horse

The world famous Peruvian Paso Horse is as its name indicates inherent to Peru, in fact it is the Peruvian National horse. It descends directly from Spanish horses brought to Peru by the conquistadores and due to being isolated in Peru for over 500 years the Peruvian Paso Horse is one of the purest breeds in the world. Experts believe that the first horses to reach Peruvian ground was in 1493 on Columbus’s second voyage. Following that were the 62 horses that Francisco Pizarro brought with him when he along with his 160 men captured emperor Inca Atahualpa in Cajamarca. These different Spanish horses make up the original ancestors of the Peruvian Paso horse. Seguir leyendo The Peruvian Paso Horse

Peru: A Cradle for Fusion Gastronomy

Peruvian gastronomy has within the last couple of years gained international recognition for its interesting fusions, exotic ingredients and great diversity. Just this January,  Peru won the World Travel Award for Best Culinary Destination, the travel industry’s equivalent to the Oscar; beating renowned culinary destinations such as France, China, Italy, Spain and Thailand. Seguir leyendo Peru: A Cradle for Fusion Gastronomy

Cajamarca – The Lesser Known Highland City

Cajamarca is known for its large and colorful carnival celebrations that attract huge crowds from all over the country and the world. However this small charming city is also an interesting place outside of the carnival season. For starters the city is filled with colonial architecture and surrounded by breathtaking mountains. Moreover it holds a highly important place in the history of the Spanish conquest of South America and Peru, as the city for the setting of the famous encounter between Francisco Pizarro and the last Inca leader Atahualpa. Seguir leyendo Cajamarca – The Lesser Known Highland City

Lima, The Leading spawning ground for Ibero American culture

The Cultural Sector Committee of the Union of Ibero-American capital cities has declared Lima, the leading spawning ground for Ibero American culture in 2014. This nomination of the Peruvian capital was based on its ability to recover its archeological cultural heritage and provide public spaces for art, thereby reaffirming to the rest of the world, that Lima nurtures and supports its cultural scene and its many expressions. Seguir leyendo Lima, The Leading spawning ground for Ibero American culture

Trujillo – The City of Eternal Spring

The city of Trujillo is located in the north western part of Peru and is normally referred to as the City of Eternal Spring. Founded in 1534 by the Spanish conquistador Diego de Almagro, Trujillo was the first important city to proclaim its independence from the Spanish colony in 1820. However, before anything else the region was home to the great civilizations of the Moche, the Chimus and the Incas, which means that the region today is a treasure chamber of amazing archaeological monuments. Seguir leyendo Trujillo – The City of Eternal Spring

6 Reasons why you should Travel to Peru

Within recent years more and more people have come to realize that Peru is a country with a lot to offer, so much in fact that it has grown to become one of the most popular travel destinations within Latin America. This is however, not surprising, considering that Peru is home to some of the richest bio diverse zones in the world, tasteful and innovative cuisine and an incredibly wide selection of archeological sites left behind by some of the oldest civilizations in the world. Seguir leyendo 6 Reasons why you should Travel to Peru

The National Drinks of Peru

As it has already been mentioned once before on this blog, Peru is a cradle for fusion gastronomy as well as a treasure chamber for archeological and cultural sites. However, it is not only the exquisite national cuisine and the incredible mountain citadel of Machu Picchu that Peru musters its pride in, but also the national drinks are great monuments of domestic pride. The Pisco Sour cocktail represents the crown jewel of these drinks and it serves as a symbol for Peruvian culture along with the 3 other highly treasured national drinks, Mate de coca, Inca Kola and Chicha morada. Seguir leyendo The National Drinks of Peru